Monday, November 21, 2011

Adopting Rinah

Today I received an absolutely wonderful email in my mailbox from carissa gallo. My first thought... "Who are you and why are you emailing me?" Unfortunate response I know. But then I remembered I had watched this video last year of a girl just like me (except extensively more creative) wanting to adopt a girl named Rinah from Uganda. The video of course made me cry so I sent them some money. 

This morning I got a thank you email from her saying they had brought Rinah home. Here is an except from the email (I hope it is okay that I am putting this up here)

"This morning I was trying to explain your generosity to Rinah and what it means, and she said, 'Mom, it can be like all of America is about to love me.' ... and that's how we feel. 

Thank you is hard to say for something as deeply precious as this. To receive help to become a family. So our daughter can have a home and family and opportunities she wouldn't otherwise have had. This is big.

We are so filled with joy, each one of us. We can't imagine changing one single thing about these last few days, and even these last few years. We feel like all the happiness in the world is radiating from within and coming from without will cause our small abode to implode into a gigantic symphony of joy."

I am absolutely astounded and blessed that my measly 20 bucks contributed to something as beautiful as this. What an honor to participate in their joy! Check out their happy thankful family video! Let it remind you of the hope we have that good and wonderful things do happen and are attainable :)

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