Friday, April 26, 2013

Conversations at Panera with a 4-year-old

H: Abby, I'm so glad to go to school today.

A: You are? Why?

H: Because... I am going to see Tucker and Ethan and Smith (pronounced "sniff") and all my friends.

A: Oh, well good. Are you going to see Grantley? (H's girlfriend as of Monday)

H: (Smiles, turns red and sinks down into his chair) Yes.

A: Are you embarrassed?

H: (Sinks lower) What does embarrassed mean?

A: It's when your cheeks turn red and you have a silly feeling in your tummy.

H: (Completely under the table now) Abby, I'm just girlfriend sick.

A: (I have to laugh, it's too cute) Why's that?

H: Well, Grantley is also Walden's girlfriend too.

A: She is?? What?

H: Yeah, she's my girlfriend and Walden's.

A: Well, why do you still like her?

H: She's just so sweet. And she likes to give me hugs. And always plays with me. Abby I just love her.

A: H, you are the most adorable little boy ever.

H: Oh, I know! Now watch me, I'm going to make my bagel eat my nose.

I can't handle all the cuteness. It's too much. Even when they are terribly naughty they somehow know the exact things to say to charm their little ways into my heart.

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