Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Libraries and Literature Snobs

I go to the library to get lost. I can completely lose myself weaving in and out of the rows and columns of books, stepping into the imaginations of a million different minds.  I get overwhelmed when I think that there are thousands upon thousands of stories and dreams bound up and stacked high to the ceiling. Many are probably boring or raunchy and not worth my time – but I always know there’s a gem out there waiting for me.

It’s almost like a treasure hunt. Sometimes I close my eyes and run my fingers over the spines, until I land on one that I feel might be good. I’ll explore the cover and even read the first few pages, but normally I don’t commit. There’s just something about a great book, once you find one you can’t go back to those of lesser quality. Call me a literature snob but I just don’t want to waste my time reading something that doesn’t move me, or cause me to actually think about life, and love, and beauty. And I can’t stand books that leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.

All of that being said, and although I completely enjoy the thrill of getting lost in a pile of books – by the end I often find myself wanting some type of direction. So this time I consulted various librarians and good reads, and I’ve yet to discover if their suggestions are good or not. But for those of you who, like me, would like some direction, here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

Radical Womanhood – Worth the read. Christian single woman’s perspective on feminism and the church. Leans heavy complementarian.

Great Divorce – Typical C.S. Lewis, which means soul-wrenchingly wonderful if you can grasp the depth of his meaning.

Brothers Karamozov – Quite long, but worth it if you can get through it. Strongly developed characters and goes deep into understanding the human heart. Made me want to read more Russian literature. Anna Karenina you’re next!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – I don’t think I actually need to review this because of course it’s magical. Favorite part this time around Harry choosing to trust Dumbledore despite reason. Tear jerker.

Blue Like Jazz – I know I should stop reading books I’ve already read but the end of the Romance chapter is so well said. Just go read it.

Gilead – So far writing is excellent, love the imagery. Haven’t quite finished though, but it has great flow. Letters from father to son.

A Praying Life – Very, very good. Praying like a child! Unfortunately left it at my grandmothers and haven’t been able to finish.

A Holy Wild  -  Mark Buchanan, a bit over the top, but some excellent points on rest and trust. Writes about the thrilling and adventurous side of God’s character, which I like.

The Sun Also Rises – My attempt at Hemmingway. Someone told me his writing was enticing, and I can’t remember much of Old Man and the Sea so I thought I’d try again. I think they actually called it sexy but I feel like that word can be taken a bit out of context.

I am very much behind on my reading goal for this year. But when I go to the beach for the week I plan on reading at least 15, so that'll catch me up real quick. I'm ambitious to a fault it seems.

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