Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Abby's #FirstWorldProblems

Confession. I have a 7-page paper about citizen response to health care policy in Massachusetts to write, and I have been having a very hard time starting. 

Here's my problem, well besides the fact that I'm not particularly passionate about Massachusetts health care policy. I get WAY to distracted when I try to do homework at home. So I go to the Starbucks that no one I know ever goes to so I can actually concentrate. Sounds responsible right?

Olivia doesn't know I took this...
FALSE. Once I get to Starbucks, I am so intoxicated by the stimulating wafts of freshly ground coffee beans that I can't write about BORING health care policies. I MUST write something raw and real and full of meaning, or else my being will explode from mundane simplicity in this inspiration rich environment.

The guy behind me is reading Plato, probably solving some critical world problem while Plato's sweet intelligence floods his brain. The guy to my right has those big headphones on that completely cover your entire ear, he's probably listening to really good music because it's Starbucks, right?

MUSIC. I've been in here for an hour, not even a sentence written about health care policy, so I need to listen to good music to motivate me. That means creating an epic Pandora playlist... which leads to searching for new songs and artists I like. And when I've spent 30 minutes finding these melodic revelations, I can't just not listen to them.

So I sit and close my eyes and let sweet harmonies fill my soul and there is absolutely no way I can write about health care policy now because all I want to do is listen to Birdy sing to me all night long. 

It's been two hours and so far I've seen FIVE people I know. Now the Duke Divinity students are here being all cool and religious. I guess I should start writing my paper now because I can't be outdone by Duke students.

Starbucks FAIL...

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