Friday, September 7, 2012

Where in the world have I been?

My sincerest apologies on the lack of consistency in regards to blogging. I've had quite the chaotic last four months, and haven't had the chance (or decency) to update the world on what has been going on in my life. Regardless of my plans to be in Durham, Haiti or somewhere in Africa - I am not. So here goes!


After the excitement of graduation (a bit of not enough credit drama) and the epic sorrow of leaving 7 Davie and my wonderful roommates - I headed to Greenville, South Carolina in June, for what I thought would be a temporary, easy-breasy, two-month internship at Grace Church. My plans come August were contingent on hearing back from Samaritan's Purse about a humanitarian internship in Haiti.
My internship at Grace was like boot-camp for my soul. Through classes, conversations and yes, confrontations, I was daily affronted with my pride, sin and desperate need for Jesus and community. But I had never been exposed to such intentional honesty or passion for life-change. It was incredibly attractive.
As the summer progressed, I began to feel increasingly uncomfortable about leaving this community to head off on my own. Although choosing to stay in Greenville would be a much harder and scarier experience for me than the excitement and adventure of Haiti, I began to realize that for the sake of spiritual growth and maturity - Greenville was the best option. Plus I was overwhelmed by a sense that I just needed to stay.
So I did.

And Currently...

I am nannying for a wonderful family who lives close to the mountains on a horse farm. It is gorgeous, and the children are full of hugs and kisses and funny sayings. I still live with my incredibly generous host family, which has been an enormous blessing. I am singing at the church, helping out with a high school girls small group and desperately trying to get a firm grasp on what it means to live in middle-class southern America. I get lonely sometimes and miss my college friends fiercely, but I know I am here for a reason. Life outside of college is like trying to learn how to sip slowly on a cup of tea when you're used to drinking from a fire hydrant. They probably have the same hydration value, it's just different, and some days I find myself restless. But God is very good and I promise more updates.


This is VERY EXCITING news. When Billy went to Wadupe in June, he collaborated with the development committee to get the project rolling. The medicine was easy to access (and afford, thanks to all your generosity!) and the process was much less difficult than expected. The committee took charge and distributed the medicine to the children of Wadupe in a few short weeks. Photos are below, but I cannot tell you how happy it makes my heart to know that life has been made a little bit easier for children half-way around the world, by the grace of God. Praise the Lord that we've been blessed with the incredibly opportunity to take part in His restoration plan for this community.
We hope to continue this process, as the de-worming treatment will need to be done every six months or so. WhytheWoods is currently going through some transformations, but we have plenty of funding for the program thanks to your generosity!

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