Monday, October 15, 2012


Today H said his name was Spiderman, and that when he grows up, he wants to be the tickle monster. I said if he was a tickle monster he couldn't be Spiderman. He chewed on it for a little bit and then decided he would be a giant. So when H grows up, he wants to be a giant Spiderman. I don't know how effective that will be for swinging from buildings or saving the world.

For bed time stories, I have started telling them the adventures of Hairy Mess and Budson. They are two terrible twins that terrorize their older sister Smooffie. Hairy Mess has no hair at all, and Budson has curly black hair down to his stinky toes. A few nights ago, Hairy Mess and Budson put a snake in Smooffie's bed while she was sleeping, and then tied twine along the staircase to make her trip down the stairs. Smooffie awoke with horrors, tripped down the stairs and was transported to the hospital. Hairy Mess and Budson thought they had killed their dear sister Smooffie, and with absolute penance they promised to eat all their vegetables and do their chores if only Smooffie would awake again. Of course, Smooffie awoke and Hairy Mess and Budson ate all their vegetables for the rest of their lives.

I'm hoping they'll get the hint. They're a lot smarter than you would think. 

On a more serious note, had a blast at the Grace High School Retreat (Forge) on Black Mountain and got to throw a bridal shower for a dear high school friend in Charlotte. It involved lots of pumpkins and apples and candles and other things people obsess over on Pinterest and for that reason I do not have any pictures for you.

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  1. that is an amazing story. can you please write it down and tell it again?? I love that hairy mess has no hair. xx