Saturday, February 23, 2013

Conversations in the Flex

Sometimes my head and heart are so full of dreams and ideas and funny little sayings that I am spilling over with things to write about. Unfortunately, this often leads to being too overwhelmed to actually talk about anything because I can't seem to pin down a good place to start. Which is my main excuse for inconsistent blog posts. So here are a few nanny snapshots because I can't write anything inspirational...

Like every day, we are driving home from school in the Flex. SB, from her booster seat in the back, is lamenting the fact that after Valentine's Day, there will be no holidays for a long time. From the front S agrees, sad that the 4th of July is more than five months away.

I am appalled at their ignorance of what is, in my opinion, the best holiday of them all.

A: "Hellooooo... what about Easter?!"

S: "Oh yeah, I forgot about Easter!"

SB: "Yay, the Easter Bunny!"

Again appalled because Easter is not about the Easter Bunny.

A: "SB, Easter is not about the Easter Bunny."

S: "Then what is it about?"

Luckily we are in traffic, so I can bang my head on the steering wheel without endangering their lives. I look at S in horror, but before I can say anything...

SB: "It's about candy!"

Can this get any worse? Really??! But I am determined to hold on to the hope that they really do know, they're just being ridiculous, or forgetful, or just plain silly.

A: "No SB it's not about candy!"

And out of nowhere H pipes up...

H: "Yeah, SB it's not about caannddy, it's about Healthy Food!"

I surrender in a fit of laughter. My frustration is swamped by H's sweet attempts at goodness. I calmly explain that Easter is actually about Jesus. How he left his Father and all his glory and came rushing to our rescue. How he chose to love us despite all our whining and complaining and lying and took all our badness and died, so we could have his goodness instead. And then in the greatest magical moment of all - better than candy or healthy food or the ending of the best fairy tale imaginable - he came back to life. And we are going to live with him forever and have the best adventures. 

Take that Mr. Easter Bunny. Then S says, "well of course I knew that," and my confidence in their holiday knowledge is once again restored. Later on S and I start talking about Valentine's Day....

S: "You know what's sad?"

A: "What?"

S: "It's really sad that Honey Boo Boo's mom has a boyfriend."

A: "I completely agree. What is this world coming to? That is very sad."

S: "Well, it's not sad for me, I'm 13 and have plenty of time. It's just more sad for you."

Bahahahaha! I laughed so hard I cried, and informed S that my standards for boyfriends were much higher than Honey Boo Boo's mother.

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